Waiting for Hugo

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Waiting for Hugo… It’s taken me way too long to blog this session. My never ending editing pile always seems to take priority and then there’s the challenge of somehow having to pick my favourites to blog. And so, I procrastinate instead! Haha.

I loved shooting this session so so much. These sessions are hands down my favourite. I’m not sure why I feel so drawn to baby bellies and water but I seem to find purpose with these sessions. Maybe it’s the surfer in me, maybe it’s the mother in me. Most likely both.

As soon as I met Bec & Michael I knew that our session would be amazing. Throw in an amazing location with the most divine light and the afternoon was ours. This particular afternoon was the start of our winter season but you would have never have known. They enjoyed wading in the beautiful ocean and didn’t seem to mind or notice the winter chill as the sun started to set and just enjoyed their moments together before they would be 3. They even stayed on after our session to enjoy the last light of another day. Another day that would bring them closer to meeting their little one.

Bec & Michael welcomed a beautiful little boy, Hugo who I later had the pleasure of capturing his newborn photos. A big thanks to these guys for giving me the privilege of capturing such a beautiful time for you both!

B x

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