What to wear: Styling tips for your photo session

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You’ve booked your session but now you’re wondering what to wear? No stress! This is the fun bit (and always a good excuse to go shopping if you are in need of new clothes, hehe). Gone are the days of white shirts and denim! This is about getting creative and making your session personal.

Everyone has a different personality so try to wear what you think represents you (and your family/partner) best and what you think you feel the most comfortable in. My best images are those that are most natural. If you are feeling uncomfortable in your attire it will most certainly reflect in your images.

Still need some more tips? Here are some great tips when it comes to styling you and your family.

  • Co-ordinate but don’t match
  • Use textures and layers. Scarves, knits, accessories etc always create depth and interest. A great way to add a pop of colour!
  • No logos (please) – big logos on shirts is just plain ugly and very distracting in your images.
  • Dress to match your location. If you choose to have a countryside session, pull out the cowboy boots! If you choose a city session, grab those heels out ladies!
  • Don’t be afraid of colour and patterns. Both of these work wonderfully when not overdone!

Here is a fantastic blog from Paint The Moon Photography on styling and clothing tips I highly recommend you read – CLICK HERE 🙂

Here are a few more images for inspiration. Last of all if you are still unsure and confused feel free to bring a few outfits. I can always assist when on location. And of course you are most welcome to contact me at any time to discuss your styling options.

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